One Month Before Departure: Planning and Packing for a Year Abroad

In exactly a month I'm leaving for my year abroad and while my first instinct is to completely freak out, I'm trying to combat that with being very organized.

I know that it sounds hard to pack for a whole year, but it's actually really easy. Normally, the hard part about packing is insuring you don't forget things. It has been surprisingly easy because everything has to go somewhere, I can't leave my toothbrush or hairbrush because I can't leave anything. Things either have to get packed in boxes to be stored, in bags for charity, or in my suitcase. This makes the packing process a lot more simpler. Now the hard part is trying not to overpack.

I'm also trying to nail down my schedule for the first few weeks after I've left. First, I'm going to Boston visiting family for three days, then Paris for four. After that I will be in Madrid for about a week for orientation and then I'm planning on spending four or five days somewhere, probably at the beach. This is the exciting part