A Few Odd Products

I got so many amazing products over the past month with Christmas and my birthday. Along with all the undoubtably great products I got a few products that I just don't know how to feel.

Michael Todd Avocado and Mango Mask
I got this Michael Todd mask that I've been wanting for a while. It smells amazing but burns like no other. It's in product limbo for me, where I don't know if I really love it or not. I'm not usually so finicky, I either like something or I don't.

Lush Ultrabland Cleanser
This is the only "odd" products that I actually hate on this list. The is the worst cleanser that I have ever used. It's sticky and leaves my face feeling dirty. It's such a weird consistence that it almost resistant to water- I have to scrub with a towel to get it off my face.

The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Japan Dry Washing Grains
Last month The Body Shop brought out all of their summer items from last year and sold them extremely cheap- I got $5 body butter and delicious shower gels and this very strange product. Dry washing grains, like a body scrub, but dry. It's not as strange as I thought it would be, mainly, it just feels like a normal scrub after you get past sticking your wet hand in a dry jar. Odd non the less.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Butter
I love Soap & Glory's body butters, they have an amazing formula, so that is not what I find weird about this product. It's the smell. It smells exactly like the soda Sprite, not just the body butter either, the whole line smells like Sprite.

Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette
This is a palette that I asked for for Christmas so it didn't come as any shock, but I am extremely shocked at how much I love it. It has the strangest, not neutral colors in the world yet it is amazing. I just find it odd that I (a neutral loving girl) likes this so much and that's why it made it onto this list.

I just realized that 4 out of the 5 products here were given to me by my sister, I'm sorry Amelia, you know how to pick some weird products.

Have you tried any odd products lately?

100 Day Spending Ban | Beauty and Books

After getting a ton of new beauty products and books for Christmas there is no reason that I should be buying anything new so I am putting myself on a spending ban. I have a few rules for myself.

1. I can buy a product if I am completely out of something. I'm about to be out of foundation and I am in need of toner as well. I'm going to be really strict on myself with this one even after the spending ban because I just bought like 4 lip balms. Why? Because I'm an addict...

2. I can start buying books if I read all of my unreads- this is unlikely because I have a HUGE stack of unread books waiting to be loved. At the moment I'm reading Insurgent.

3. I can buy clothes, a lot of spending bans include it but I am in desperate need to go clothes shopping so after I save up some money I'm going to treat myself with a shopping spree, probably at the local outlet mall.

This will go on until April 10 and I'll probably be doing monthly updates until then! Wish me luck!

Honey On The Lips

There's nothing better then a honey scented product, and more importantly, honey lip products. Here are a few of my favorites.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Honey- $8.99
This first one is sort of cheating, it doesn't really have a honey scent at all, but this particular color is called honey. I wanted to add it because I love the color, it's really unique and beautiful. Perfect fora no-makeup makeup look or on the go when I don't have a mirror with me.

The Body Shop Honeymania Lip Butter- $6.00
Honeymania has been one of my all time favorite fragranced products- it smells more floral than honey and is just beautiful on the skin.

Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm- $19.00
This is a miracle product. I can't believe that I hadn't tried it until just recently considering how lip balm obsessed I am.

Fresh Sugar Honey Lip Treatment- $22.50
In a blind test I don't think I would be able to distinguish this from the other Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments, so this definitely isn't very honey like, but non the less, I like it a lot. It is more sheer then most of the others so I just wear it as a lip moisturizer and it's amazing. I love all of these Fresh Lip Treatments, it's definitely worth the money.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmer Lip Balm- $12.00
This one isn't my favorite because it's not very "balm-y" but it gives a nice little shimmer.