I recently acquired almost the complete foot care line from The Body Shop and now that I've been using them for a few weeks I am completely in love. I always thought that the line would be good but I wasn't into foot care so I wasn't interested in it. But I finally accepted Essiebutton's recommendation on it and I will never look back!

The scrub is my favorite product from the peppermint line, it actually has bits of pumice in it for a really intense scrub. I also use it every week or so as a hand scrub although I have to be more gentle with it.

I was really excited to try a pumice- and then I read that this isn't real pumice, it's actually polyurethane- which I learned is what most feet pumices are made out of, I guess people don't want us using volcanic rock on our feet. Despite my disappointment, I love this pumice, if you may not have guessed I had never tried one before and it was different than I expected. It almost lathered while using it and wasn't as rough as I thought it would be.

This soak is nice but I feel like it was a little expensive for what it is. This is probably my least favorite product from the line, just because I get the same result with some Epsom Salt.

I was a little worried to use the lotion and foot rescue because of the peppermint smell, I thought it may mix weird with whatever body butter or lotion I had used but after applying them, there isn't a weird smell.

I like this duo a lot, I will use the lotion for two days and then the rescue for one - with the occasional foot butter thrown in there. I'm surprised how well I've stuck to this routine, seeing as I'm terrible about things like that.

I was scared to use this product because I heard such great things about it but my sister didn't like it (this is actually her discarded bottle) and we tend to like the same things. It's a very nice experience using it but perhaps it may be better for the summer time when I go without socks more. I think that it is really great deodorizer rather than "cooling" or "relieving."

Spa Wisdom Africa Honey & Beeswax Hand and Foot Butter- $22
This is definitely one of my favorite products of all time. It smells amazing and works extremely well as a thick foot cream and hand cream. I usually use it at night before bed and in the morning my feet and hand feel well nourished, something I don't necessarily get from creams or lotions.

I think the packaging of the peppermint range is the nicest from The Body Shop, the little foot is so cute.

What are your favorite foot care products?


  1. this looks sooo pampering!!
    I had a few different foot care but they're mosty scrubs and I felt weird (& too lazy) to scrub my feet after the first time lol :{

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  2. I have to try this!
    look the photos

  3. Ich love TheBodyShop! Your photographs look really really nice!
    xx Victoria



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