Buying Bioderma in the USA

I can't tell you how long I've been wanting Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution, I definitely know how hard it can be to find in the US. The one things that I was wary of was whether or not it would be fake buying it on Amazon or Ebay. I finally got my hands on it, I decided to take a risk and buy it on Amazon, there were a lot of sellers at completely different prices. And quite of few of them had reviews saying that it was fake or expired (like many other beauty products on Amazon...) but the seller I bought it from didn't have any such reviews so I thought I was good to go, even though it was quite expensive. And I am confident that it is real. I just don't think I'll take the risk again buying it on Amazon.

I've recently discovered the joys of shopping on UK websites because most of them will ship to the US, including Cult Beauty, Pai, Feelunique, and more importantly, Escentual, which has been the more reliable and cheapest website that I've found for Bioderma. Most of these websites will ship for about $8.00 or even free after spending x amount. It's completely worth it to buy Bioderma (which is about $10.00 less on Escentual then Amazon at the moment) or other products you can't get here.

Do you have any Bioderma-friendly websites that you can access here in the US?


  1. I love Escentuals, they usually have some great discount codes. I stocked up on Bioderma in Paris a couple of weeks ago, it's a favourite of mine x

  2. I've been curious about Bioderma for ages! Thanks for sharing this important information! :)


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