Review | Origins Gentle Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oil are interesting, they come in pretty bottles and scare the bajesus out of me. I've never liked the idea of putting oil anywhere, let alone my face. I've let up a little on my boycott against oil. I've started using a dry oil mist on my arms and legs at night and I bought Origins Gentle Cleansing Oil for makeup removal mainly. This was $25 and then I bought the pump for it for $4 because I thought a pump may be easier to use with a product like this. In fact, it's kind of weird that it doesn't come with it. Besides the lack of pump, I liked this product. I like to use this to remove my makeup before I use a cleanser for a super clean feeling. I'll rub it onto my dry skin and eyes for about 2 minutes and then add water which creates a milky lather and wallah, all the makeup is removed. It has a nice light smell like most Origins products and doesn't irritate my skin. My only issue with it is how it makes me eyes feel, it really bothers them and I can't see properly for a few minutes.

Felix really wanted to get a piece of this. Why is it that cats are always interested in what you're doing?


  1. Interesting - just like you I don't quite get the concept of adding oil to cleanse my face, and then to lather it up with water.. - anyway you can always trust Origins, and if I'll get around to trying a cleansing oil, I think this would be the one :o). Your cat is adorable - they're curious little creatures that brighten our days aren't they :o). Xx

  2. Oils are really great for skin, they're natural, they don't have any chemical ingredients. I love coconut oil for my face :)


  3. I use oil for moisturizing, but never for cleansing! I might have to look into this..once I have some extra christmas money!


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