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Essie Jamaica Me Crazy and Nicole by OPI Iceberg Lotus

I decided to do a fun nail design today, something that I hadn't tried before and it ended up looking awesome! I had originally tried doing an ombre look with a cotton pad- not thinking that I'd end up with cotton all over my sticky nails. So that was a bust, next up I'm trying it with a sponge like more tutorials say to use. But for this design I didn't use any tools, just applying bits of color where it needed it. It was extremely easy and quick!


  1. Beautiful gradient - really well done! It reminds me of the packaging of the Revlon Lash Potion mascara - lovely! Xx


  2. So pretty!! The only nail design I like to do is dots and tape for stripes or else I get nervous lol. Yours worked out really nicely, though.

    Ada | thespianxx

  3. Very pretty! I always get cotton wool on wet nails when I'm touching up the edges! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  4. Ooh gorgeous nails! Ombre look definitely achieved! :]

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  6. I'm loving your nails so much ♥
    Lovely color!



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