Best and Worst of The Body Shop

The Body Shop has become one of my favorite stores, it may be their constant sales, friendly employees, or amazing products but I can't help but go back every time. I also recently learned about their ethical environmental advantages as well. They are against animal testing (which is something I go looking for, but it's cool that they don't!), support community fair trade, and much more.

I have explored their line rather thoroughly, a whole lot of their body care, makeup, some hair care, a little skincare, and home. Which you may already know because I talk about The Body Shop nonstop on this blog. Not all of their items can be gems. I have discovered a few items that aren't quite up to my standard while others have become holy grails.

The Best:

It was extremely hard for me to pare down my favorites because there are so many products from The Body Shop that I love. I finally did it though and I'm happy with the results. Here we have it, the best of The Body Shop. 

Out of all the Brazil Nut products (which I love them all) I have two favorites, Brazil Nut Body Scrub and Brazil Nut Eau De Toilette, if only they had a lip butter, I'm sure that I would love and cherish that too. These two products are just the best smelling in the line and this formulation of their scrub is amazing. Another perfume that I love is the Strawberry Eau De Toilette, I'm thinking of buying the Honeymania Eau De Toilette next! I was surprised that I liked the strawberry perfume so much because it's really sweet which the complete opposite of what I usually like.

Coconut Lip Butter is an old favorite of mine, I've used this (not this specific one...) since early high school and it is one of my favorite lip balms so far. It smells great on goes on really nicely. My favorite body butter so far is their Honeymania Body Butter, which was another surprise. It's just perfect for skin. This line is such a hit with me. It's new and exciting and amazing.

One thing that doesn't seem like such a big deal are luffas, but I've tried many different types of luffas and non have even come close to how great their Bath Lilies are. Which are actually less than Target or Walgreens because The Body Shop is always on sale where a luffa will never (almost) be on sale at those other stores. I had a real struggle just now spelling luffa. 

One of my all time favorites of their is the Paddle Hairbrush. I don't think I could go back to using anything else. I have really thick hair so my hair is pretty finicky and this brush works perfectly. Another haircare item is their Rainforest Radiance Detangling Spray, I use this every time I get out of the shower. It smells like nothing else in the world- and surprisingly (to me at least) did a great job detangling, which I didn't expect because nothing else has really worked on my hair.

The smell of the Green Tea & Lemon Reed Diffuser is so great for the kitchen, I will definitely be buying it again. It's so fresh and light, it's perfect.

And the last one is a weird on, it just a mirror that I bought from them a few years ago, and then I lost it, and I managed to find it again on ebay. It's just a lovely little compact, it opens so nicely and it a great size.

The Worst:

I also had a hard time picking out my least favorites, I kept saying to myself "oh, it wasn't that bad" I feel really defensive about my favorite brand... even to myself. But then I sat down and just thought what products I really didn't like and these are it, the worst of The Body Shop.

My animosity towards their Mango Body Butter is due to my preference versus actually disliking what it does. I just don't like the smell, it's not a bad smell, but it's not what I like prefer. In fact, I'm starting to realize that I'm not a huge fruit smell fan. I bought two hand creams from them a few months ago, the Hemp Hand Protector and Almond Hand & Nail Cream were a huge disappointment. I had heard such great things about them but I couldn't get over the weird smells (mainly the hemp one) and they made my hands extremely greasy. Just not what I like in a hand cream.

Now onto makeup. I bought The Sparkler last Christmas. I really wanted to like this product, it's everything that I want for the holiday season. It's just a spray on shimmer type mist but the glitter will only last for a few minutes and then it will be gone. What I think disturbs be the most about this product is that it smells exactly like their Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub. Another makeup item is their Shimmer Cube eyeshadow, I was really interested in buying this for quite some time. And now that I have it, I'm really disappointed. These are probably the least pigments out of any eyeshadow that I've tried. The next item I am still really on the fence about, their Natural Lip Roll On Berry is one of the weirdest thing I've tried. It's supposed to be a lip moisturizing product- it's an oil rather than a balm or butter. It just feels really weird on the lips and doesn't smell very nice.

Even though I hadn't heard the best things about the Rainforest Radiance Shampoo & Conditioner I decided to give it a try because I loved the detangler so much and the shampoo and conditioner smelt the same. It's not that I hate them but they're just boring. They don't do anything bad to my hair but they don't do anything good either. I think I've given up on The Body Shop haircare because their other products smell really weird!

I was so excited to try their home items, I bought many candles but once I burned the Sandalwood & Ginger Candle I returned the rest because I didn't like how it burned at all. After I took these photos I burned it for a few hours and it only melted in a little circle in the middle so it's wasting a ton of candle, which is really disappointing because it definitely isn't cheap and it smells really great.

And last of all, which is not pictured because I no longer have it is the Ionic Clay Mask. From what I've heard, you either love it or hate it. And I just happened to hate it. It smelt gross and did nothing for my skin. My sister owns it and she says that it burns her skin really badly.

What are you favorite and least favorite items from The Body Shop?


  1. That's a lot of stuff LOL! My favourite products are the body butters. Doesn't matter which scent really - they are lovely and rich and fab on the skin. I love the scent of some of the candles, but they are just terrible for burning - creating a massive whole in the wax and that's it - so much waste. Not what you would have expected from an environmentally conscious brand like Body Shop. Xx

  2. Wow. I always feel kinda lost in the Body Shop as there are so many products so this was definitely a good guide. I really like the Satsuma line, as I'm a sucker for the scent. How well do their perfumes hold up?
    Their bath lilies are AMAZING. I have one that's almost falling apart so I'm thinking of picking up a couple more! x

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