School Essentials

As you may know I am in school for more than 5 hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday which really takes a toll on my mental stability, body, and not so importantly but still important: my appearance. I'm pretty good about doing my makeup in the morning, obviously, I do a simple look for school. Usually not using more than 6 or 7 products. But sometimes I just don't have the time to do anything, pressed snooze one too many times... And that's where a good BB Creme comes in, it's easy to apply and it's rather light coverage. At the moment I have the Ren BB Creme in a travel size, which is perfect to have in my backpack. Another essential is a concealer, because most likely if I snoozed so many times that I'm going to be late means that I'm exhausted with massive baseball sized dark circles under my eyes, Benefit Boing is really easy to use, I know that I don't need a brush and it's easy to put on.

And those are just to make sure people don't point and scream when they see me. I also want to look nice, which is where the next few products come in. Although it's not pictured, I keep a mascara with me at all times because I often forget to put it on in the morning (I'm not sure why this is...) and I think it really pulls a makeup look together, even the most minimal look. I like the Buxom Lash because it has never chunked since our relationship has started so I don't have to worry about making a mess. Another is a Clinique Color Surge Eyeshadow Quad which features (mostly) easy to wear colors and I can apply these with my fingers, again, so I don't need to take up more room with a brush. The last product for appearance is a hairbrush, because you never know when you're going to need a good brushing. I bought this mini folding one in the check out isle at Ulta but I think you can pretty much buy them anywhere- Target, Walgreens, etc.

I'm also a very dry person so I take a few precautions to make sure that I'm not miserable with hours more to go in the day. My number one being a lip balm. Right now I'm using the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, and I've used it so much at school that it's about empty. I use it a few times a class every class, in between class. All the time. The other real necessity is a hand cream, I've already used up the L'Occitane Rose Des Champs pictured (it was almost empty when I took these photos) so now I'm using the L'Occitane Brightening Hand Care, which I like just as much, if not more. It smells so natural and great and this may be all in my head, but I feel like it relieves stress a little.

The other two for moisture are more of just-in-case products, I keep an SPF facial moisturizer, right now I have a Shiseido Moisturizer that I got in my Sephora Sun Safety Kit. I keep this in here because my nose tends so get a little dry and it really bothers me. I don't end up using this everyday but it's nice to have. And then I have a lotion. I got this Bath & Body Works Honey Sweetheart Body Lotion for free a few months ago. And I can't wait till it's used up (almost...) so I can replace it with the mini of the Soap & Glory Righteous Body Butter that I love. Again, I don't use this every day, or even once a week. But sometimes I have a dry spot that I want to take care of right away.

And last of all I have two random products: a Bath & Body Works Pocketbac in Midnight Pomegranate   because you never know when you'll put your hand in something sticky, and Victoria's Secret PINK Fresh & Clean Body Mist, which smell so good and it's nice to have a little spritz in the middle of the day when I'm worn out!

Do you carry around a set list of products or just go whatever you grab in the morning? 
Any can't-live-withouts?


  1. The purply palette looks really good, other than neutrals, purples are the only colours I dear to wear during the day, at least


  2. I carry similar items for beauty essentials in my school bag. I can't live without my hand sanitizer, hair brush, and hand cream!


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