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I recently bought some C.O. Bigelow products from Bath & Body Works. They were having a sale on lip products buy 2 get 1 free, and then I had a coupon for a free item so I got their body wash. It was a good deal if I must say so myself. $34.50 for only $15! I'm no stranger to C.O. Bigelow, I used to use the Mentha Lip Balm Stick and the Rosebud Salve for years but I haven't used them in a long while. I also bought a lotion from them but I don't think I liked it. And before you berate me, I know that I talked about my new 'one-out-one-it' policy on lip balms, I actually used up 2 lips balms this week so I treated myself to these!

My Favorite Night Balm- $7.50
I bought this baby to replace my Rosebud & Co. Strawberry Lip Balm at night. I wanted a more hard hitting treatment for night so I'm going to switch between this and the Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment.

My Favorite Lip Balm- $7.50
I had never used this one although with a name like that I had to try it. I've also never used a lip balm in a tube like this, I've always had sticks or pots so that will be a new experience.

Mentha Lip Balm Stick- $7.50
This is the one that I used a few years ago and figured I haven't had it in a while so I'll give it another go. I never stopped liking it but at one point I just realized how expensive it was compared to a lip balm from the drugstore so I gave it up.

Mentha Body Vitamin Body Wash- $12.00
And this was my free item, it was between this and a hand soap and I figured I'd get this for my boyfriend because I don't think he likes my girly strawberry body wash too much. This smells like peppermint and it's supposed to have a cooling sensation which will be interesting.

Have you tried any C.O. Bigelow Products? 
If so, how did you like them?


  1. The body wash sounds lovely! I think it'd do the trick of waking me up or at least make me less groggy in the mornings before school ♥


  2. I think Ill have a peak at this line next time im in Bath and Body Works!

    AA Perception


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