Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

My brushes are dirty. They are disgusting and I've been meaning to do something about it for a very long time but it's very unexplored territory. Brushes in general make me feel like and idiot. Wait, why can't I use that brush to blend, why do I need a completely different brush? It's not the easiest thing to get into when I want to spend all my money on pretty makeup instead. It took me months to buy Real Techniques brushes despite their relatively cheap price compared to let's say Mac. I will choose Real Techniques every time. 

So now that I have nicer brushes that I don't want to exchange out in a very long time I decided to get Sephora's brush cleaning duo: the Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner and Makeup Brush Shampoo. Their idea being that you use the daily cleaner, well, daily... at least on the brushes you have used said day and the shampoo once a week. I used the shampoo yesterday and my brushes (even my biggest ones!) were dry within 24 hours.

I've used the daily cleanser for a few days and after using that my brushes looked clean, and I quickly took that back when I saw how much gunk came out of them when I used the shampoo for the first time. I was happy with the quality and the price at $14 each isn't too outrageous considering they're hopefully going to last me a while. 

How do you clean your brushes?


  1. lovely post, the real techniques brushes looks good! thank you for sharing!♡

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  2. I need to clean my brushes too, I wonder if they sell these in the UK? xFreya's Fashion Chapter


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