I have an addictive personality and I'm not afraid to admit that. When I get hooked on something it's on my mind all the time. My current obsessions have been with The Body Shop, all things lip balm, and most of all: blush. The funny thing is that you wouldn't know from reading my blog because I haven't posted anything about it. But I love blush. It's one of the prettiest makeup items and has not seised to put a smile on my face everyday. I'm trying to start my transition from summer and spring blush to fall and winter blush colors, which is a little hard because most of the blush I own is very light and bright.

My cat Felix was really interested in what I was doing, in fact, this will not be the first time you see him interrupting my photo shoots while I'm at my mom's house. He can't help himself.


  1. I'm dying to try the Tarte products - unfortunately I can't get them in our country. Meh! The kitty is adorable :)!


  2. aw lovely kitty. Let us follow each other on GFC, FB and Twitter?
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