You're Such a Budapest

O.P.I. You're Such a Budapest is from O.P.I's new Euro Centrale Collection along with 11 other gorgeous colors. I like this color a ton, it's everything that I want in a lilac-y/periwinkle color, I had been lusting over it at Ulta for so long until I finally gave in and bought it. I'm really glad I did, although I realized I already had an Essie color almost exactly the same.

And after all, it is a great complement to be called a Budapest, they are very strong people, after Soviet rule ended about 20 years ago, they are reserved from pain and suffering but strong willed. So if anyone ever tells me "You're Such a Budapest" I will regard it as flattery, although I doubt anyone would say that to me... it'd be pretty weird.

Fun facts: Budapest is the capital of Hungary and has more thermal springs than any other capital city in the world so it is super hot and is home to one of the very first zoos. 

Can you tell that I really love the names of some nail polishes? There's more meaning there than was probably intended but I'd like to think that the great minds in the depths of O.P.I. are sitting around a table researching and coming up with these brilliant names.